martes, 6 de julio de 2010


Artist: Akin Khan
Label: Organica Music Labworks
Title: Headron
Catalogue: ORG008
Release Date: July 2010

Track list
01. Semicon
02. Momentum
03. Ident
04. Live Engine
05. Depth of Field
06. Mionix Saiph
07. Cone of Vapor
08. Drone
09. Solar Plane
10. Verve
11. Sentinel
12. Noctilux
13. Iconoclastic Riot
14. 7th Armada
15. Grain
16. Retrospektive

Oragnica Music Labworks finally comes with the long awaited first LP. One of the most liked artists of the label's talents, Akin Khan, presents his vision to a new Techno that is settled between Sci-fi and Easy Listening.

The Sound of Organica is called Future Techno Soul so that's where we will be travelling to. Great songs, fitting together to tell us a whole story somewhere in the outerspace.

Fasten your seatbelts, start the engines, we are launching....Have a good trip!!!

Akin Khan - Headron LP - org008 - Mixed Sample by Organica Music Labworks

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ARTISTS & DEEJAY REACTION; What they think about Organica´s stuff?


Mikael Nordgren
Classy stuff, i like!

Marcos Cruz (Desertica Records)
i like it!! Trip is my favorite

Franco (Mowar)
quality deep techno as always from Lee

James Blonde (Sweat Lodge Radio)
Trip is nice - thanks

Dave mothersole (proton radio)
i like lee holman's production, feeling all four here. nice ep. thanks.

Mountage aka Wavesound (Soleil Records)
Nice Tracks,deep and Hypnotic,i will play for sure

Nando Muro (Dubhe Recordings)
Feedback: Great for summer sessions

Echonomist (upon you, time has changed)
cool vibes here

Davide Squillace
feeDownloading for Davide,thks for the great music!dback

Javier Orduña aka Retronouveau (Pong Musiq / Overflow Recors)
Me quedo con Innermosr, aunque dire que es un Ep muy bonito, con cortes muy arriesgados como Uber, muy Jazzeros, pero muy completo!!

Nori (posivision magazine/hypnodisk/flow vinyl
nice emotional release. best for morning set!

Dominic Martin (Domsko)
Liking the techno sensibilities on this EP. Uber is wicked and definitely something I would play out but the rest are not dancefloor for me.

Laurent garnier (Pias)
The best Detroit oriented ep i have heard for a long while. Many thanks

Wasabi (erase)
quality release

Farfa (Audio Epseranto)
Great deep stuffs

JL Salvatella (DOG)
Good work!! Keep the deepness.

Steinwiese (Splendid Lo-Fi)
Great tracks, especially Uber I enjoyed but also the other tracks are fitting for me.

Kazuumi Ishii (Electronic Directory)
Yet another nice release from Organica !

Wasabi (erase)
Very good Track Uber!

Ed Coogan (Derelict House Collective)
this is good, 4 tracks of depth..really nice sounds. Maybe thinking of a Detroity/Dan Curtin tip..


Dylan J (Open Concept Recordings)
Tumbs up for Long Way Down! Very classy and understated.

Vince Watson (Bio)
Im liking this.... Cant decide between the two main tracks. Great stuff again from Itokim

Tony Blunt (Dpress Industries)
Good one!! Like a lot the originals...Itokim knows how to add soul to the techno music... FS!!

Franco Cangelli (Mowar)
Really love the original Long Way Down, deep and emotional, my favo also like Things She Said, solid melodic techno

Philip Sherburne
Really nice - love the richness of the synths.

John Selway (Selway Music)
very nice harmonies and mood in Long Way Down

Mick Welch (elektrosouls recordings)
Love it. beautiful sounds.

Laurent Hulstaert (theclubbing)
Rather nice track. As always with Itokim.

Rob Warner
As always, enjoying Itokim's work. 'Long' Way Down' is fantastic

Nico De Ceglia (Radio 1/Rebirth)
Another nice release from Itokim. Max support!

Orlando Voorn (Night Vision & Divine)
Nice selection here!! like it a lot

Russ Gabriel (ferox records)
Beautiful! Love it.

Dave Mothersole (proton radio)
i'm a big fan of itokim's production - play all his records. feeling the og here and also really like tony blunt's mix. very nice - full support.

Javier Orduña aka Retronouveau (Pong Musiq)
Esta vez me permitire ser grotesco y maleducado, ACOJONANTE EP!! para mi el mejor de Organica, buenisimos tracks y brutal Rmx, esto si es musica y no la puta mierda que sigue en los top tens!!

Benoit (Tsugi)
nice pack

Niko Marks (U2XProductions)
Lovely vibrations!

Kosmos (tracy / palace)
Deep fantastic sounds that grow on you. love it!

Subotic (Night Vision)
Love the Long way down track, both the original and Tony's remix are great!

Nando Muro (Dubhe Recordings)
Great release. My Favorite is Things She Said and Tony Blunt Remix.Thanks

Marcos Cruz (Desertica Records)
Nice, Deep and elegant, full support to Tony Blunt remix!

Wasabi (Erase/Drag and DROP)
thanx for the promo! 'Things She Said' very good deep house Track!!

Murf (Mong Trax)
All 3 cuts have a very crisp production... "Things She Said" will be getting a good seeing to! Lovely track!

Master-H (Komplex Deep)
"Long way down"&"Things she said" for me thanx

Sascha Kösch (debug magazine)
will do a review later...:)

Axel Bartsch (sportclub)
very nice!

Todd Burns (Residentadvisor)
Thanks, we will let you know if we decide to cover.

Kriss Kortz (itinerant records)
wow !! another wonderful release from Itokim!!

Garcynoise (justified cause)
nice Ep, well produced!

Christopher Çolak (Halfstereo)
Very nice mate! Love these tunes! Full

Davor Ostojic (freefloating music / matrix detroit)
Wow, a remarkable release by Itokim ! Long way down is a hot, modern, ear tingling production, 21st century techno and house making sweet sexy love ... bit up for this track ! Digging the rest of the EP, remarkable !!! Great work !

Mark August (clone)
things she said is cool. as is the blunt rmx; cheers

JL Salvatella (Disciple of Groove)
Super cool!!

Lee Holman (ferox nightvision)
things she said and tony bliunts remix are the picks from this! will play on no territory radio! thank you!

Francesco Farfa (Audio Esperanto)
Tony Blunt´s mix for me!

Marco Bernardi (clone,soma,whitenoise,creme,n&n)
feelin this release all great tracks my favourite if i have to pick is Things she said....luuuvly !!

Javi Lago (Sintetics Digital)
I love Long Way down (Tony Blunt Remix) has a lot of soul and clean fat sound, great.

Anton Banks (The Vault (Radio Program)
Very nice!

Laurent Garnier (xxx)
nice deepness

Sean-Michael Yoder (Ibiza Voice)
Always enjoy Itokim's awesome melodies. Will support.

Orde Meikle (Soma)
cool trax - would love

Arno Gonzalez (Missive, Timid)
itokim strikes again !!! Nice deep emotion, nice work, love it ! tanks..

Anthony Shakir (frictional recordings)
nice tracks. my fave is things she said

Roberto Bosco (Wave Music)
Great Ep,i like alot " Long way down"

Aaron-Carl (Wallshaker Music)
"Things She Said" is absolute HEAVEN.... From beginning to end, I love it!

Claudio Mate (klap klap/nightvision/lilith/dpress)
long way down original and tony blunt remix both my cup of tea...

Andrew Duke (Cognition Audioworks)
Sounding great. Liking the Tony Blunt remix best. Thanks!

Fabrice Lig (...)
Excellent release !

Jamie Behan (Bastardo Electrico Recordings)
Itokim does the business again. Nice deep melodic vibes to these tracks. Long Way Down is my pick

Anderson Noise (noise music)
Love it. beautiful sounds


Andrés (Beatburguer)

Blunt ( Dpress Industries )
What can I say?? Love it!! Akin is adding good taste to the new detroit techno sound!!! Full support as always...

Javier Orduña aka Retronouveau
Brutal Ep, de musica con mucho Soul, de nuevo otro pedazo de Ep!! All my respects to Akin Khan

Laurent Garnier
simply brilliant --would love to pplay this out

Sublime EP, I've taken several listens to all 4 cuts... *)

Ed Coogan
first two tracks are rocking, I would say my fave is Floating Point. Not feeling Yukon or Cern as much, but the first two are really nice..

Pablo Bolivar
delicate electronics, amazing work but not fo my sets.

Ory J
Cool pref is for Cern...i will play it!

Angel Molina
pure detroit sound, love it!

Dave Mothersole
´isophone' is really cool - will play on radio for sure. also really like 'yukon' and 'cem'. great ep. thanks, dave

Anderson Noise
Yukon is great!!

like it

Roberto Rodriguez
Really nice package of quality sounds!!! Really loving it!

Tony Verdi
I love Yukon & Isophone!!!

Sven Hartmueller
great detroit like ep - every track is a gem - oldschhol sounds in a very fresh way

Pablo rez
Yukon it's my favorite track thanx

Akin Khan brings us atmospheric deep house melodies with his new release. We like the tracks Floating Point and Yukon, full support!!!

Samy Morpheus
really like"isophone" and "yukon" best! lovely stuff indeed!

Someone Else
i really like the track "yukon"

Luis Novo / Bioground
Isophone is something else, it really stands out. Will play it for sure!

Francesco Farfa
yukon 10/10

Paco Osuna
good tracks

Lee Holman
wow love floatin point from this! quality and will play....great release overall..thanks

Benny Rodrigues
floating point sounds sweet!


Lauren Garnier
Realy like this ep
true Detroit style of music .... love this as always
Would love to play it out

Tom Pooks (Movement / Kompakt)
good track !!!!
favorite one is franco's remix

Stama aka Erase (Drag & Drop)
thanx a lot for the promo!!
nice sounds!!

Eleftheria Pilichou (aka djfree)
thank you for letting me know about your new release,which i enjoy much & i would definately include "Moving Forward" into my sets & my radio show The Beat Goes On

Swat-Squad (Pulsewith / Resopal)
elegant and deeply detroit! full support!

Blunt (Dpress / Thump Electronics)
Amazing Organica Music as always...FS!!

Cole aka Hyricz
Really nice tracks, especially Moving Forward in Original Mix. Nice groove. I will play it.

Dave Mothersole (Ministry Of Sound)
nice tracks - especially like 'moving forward' - very cool.

Nitzan Hermon
Solid tunes.Original moving forward is my favorite.

Superferric (Inout / Resopal)
another great release from organica. the remix by franco cangelli rocks!

Tony Verdi
Full support!!!Lovely Detroit sound on the New Path track, I can..t wait for play it.

Taho (Delsin / Lumina)
tx for the promo, very nice release

Javier Orduña (Cray1 labworks / Overflow)
Wowwwww increible ep de puro Detroit, me la pone muy dura, directo a la maleta, my best track is Movin Forward y the new Path!!

Pablo Rez
really like this release. fresh new detroit style. will use it

Noriko Kawai (Posivision)
Franco Cangelli Remix is nice groove!

Kazuumi Ishii
Moving Forward' is just right up mu alley but all tracks are VERY nice. What a journey into sound. Darren Nye never disappoint.

Mihai Popoviciu
this is very nice detroit stuff, just beautiful!!!

Dj Morpheus
I like the moving forward original track best, the other tracks are good too….

Eric Scott (DayforNight)
Loving the Darren Nye "moving forward" org004 mixpod streams.
Touching the Surface and Moving Forward are bright and cheery. A nice way to start my day! The first track is probably something I will share during my next dj gig... very underworldy vibe going on there once the track is about 1:30 in... smooth...! The New Path is also pretty infectious and it all really starts happening at the 4:00 mark or so! Great stuff.

Lee Holman (Ferox)
liking all mixes on this package !! props to Moving forward and Franco cangelli remix also !

Benoit Carretier
nice one!

Leandro Gamez
"Touching the surface" & "Moving forward Rmx" are my fav tracks from the package. Cool production.


Gregor Tresher (Great Stuff / Datapunk)
excellent tracks, pls send the hires files, will play them out!

Laurent Garnier (Fcommunications)
Brilliant. Would love to play it out

Pascal FEOS (level Non Zero)
Nice tune! All tracks are special!
Will support it!

Angel Molina (Advanced Music)
Yes, yes, yes... I need this release

Kazuumi Ishi (Electronic Dir. Jp)
Yes. I'm digging this release a lot. 'Soul Routine' is the one for me here, really like it. Very good indeed. 'Replacement Source' is a really nice deep techno too. Another Organica winner.

Tony Blunt (Dpress / Pulsewith)
Yes, yes, yes... This is what I was waiting for a long time... Soul, melodie, elegance and techno, all in one!! Does Detroit moved to Germany ?? Full Support 10/10

Darren Nye (Organica / Inout)
this release is perfect in every way it has detroit all over it and most important it has soul!!! i love it all!!!!

Taho (Delsin / Ovum)
Beautiful, would like the mp3s tx

Francesco Farfa

Javier Orduña (Cray1 Lab / Inout)
Nice Ep, some Electro percusions, clasics great sound and a full Ep of good soul and remember me the b12 of soma Albun!!!

Ivan Murias (Thump Elektroniks)
Very good the 4 tracks,my favorite is Soul Routine.Fantastic work!!

Kenny Substance (Redflux/PureSubstance/ShakenRepublik)KL, Malaysia
sweet deep soul vibe here! love all the tracks. brilliant works for sure! fav work includes Nebula and Soul Routine.

Audioma (VLabel)
Very nice record! organica is always wellcome. thanks!

Franco Cangelli (Mowar)
elegance, electronic music for the soul it's quality all the way! top release!

Rafa Siles (Barraca Music)
Fantastic work! In general, 4's are amazing track, I love this label, thanks!

Jaumetic (Regular)
Can you send me the wav files, please??

Darran (Aruba / Elevation Recordings)
Nebula is my fave on this promo. Nice deep detroit space vibes. Reminds me of Model 500


Laurent Garnier (FCommunications)
looovely.would love to play these lovely deep techno tunes

Hernan Cattaneo (Renaissance)
very good stuff, phonograph and ethernal sounds very good

Tom Pooks ( Kompakt / Ovum )
really good stuff man ! i love it

Tim Baker (Real Estate / Elephanthaus. Chicago)
All three tracks are well produced. Ethernal is the stand out for me! 4 out of 5

Blunt (Dpress / Thump / PulseWith)
Fucking awesome, all three tracks are big!! well done Dactilar and welcome to the scene, hope to hear a lot about you from now !! FS!!

Darran Nugent a.k.a Aruba ( Elevation Rec )
Ethernal and Los Ojancanos, Both are wickedly deep and atmospheric to the extreme. Will add one of these to the next show.

Pablo Bolivar (Regular/ Miracle)
amzing music in this release! los ojancanos is my track, lovely Dactilar music!
keep it deep!

Each (Sun City Orchestra)
GREAT Nice deep layers!!!!! my fav is defintely los anjacanos!!!!

James Talk (Saved Records. UK)
"lovely tunes dude! all smooth n silky"

Marcos Cruz (Desertica Rec)
Another amazing release from Organica, i love Ethernal and los Ojancanos, i can feel the best moments inside of me, when i listen this delicatesen e.p

Javier Orduña ( Retronouveau )
Uff!!, this is a Great Ep, and a great Label !! with only 2 references at the stores, this labels have a lot ot said........
all the Tracks of Dactilar are realy god, Deep Techno with some Detroit sounds!!! GREAT!!!!!!!!

Olmo (Amoeba Label)
Ethernal is my favourite track but I support full release.. Music with soul.. Atemporal music..

Rafa Siles (Barraca Music)
Me encanta este sello, segunda referencia, con una calidad brutal.Mis cortes favoritos son Phonograph & Ethernal. Todo mi apoyo, los pinchare.

Audioma (V-Label / refuse)
Sooo great! it is true, have not words... nice feeling of evolution in these crazy days.. humbly support!

Anderson Noise (Noise Music)
I like Ethernal

Gonçalo (Musica Moderna / Amoeba)
Great release from Organica Music. Full support to Phonograph, i will play it for shore!! Deep & Sexy Sounds :)

Baldo (Neo Vinyl)
wow!! amazing release! i like all the tracks of this ep.. will be in my next chart!

Murray Richardson (Rebetlz Waltz)
this is great stuff, luv the phonograph track,,,

Norihiko Kawai / Dj Nori (Posivision Magazine. Japan)
1- Phonograph: great trip!! nice voice effect.
2- Ethernal: emtional deep groove track,best for morning floor!!
3- Los Ojancanos: deep & rhythmical,provide a balance for the listener.

SUPERFERRIC (Inout Records)
wow, one of the bests deep releases we've received before. Ethernal and Los Ojancos are amazing. full support to this new incredible label

Kenny Substance (Redflux / Pure Substance) KL, Malaysia
Perfect sounds!! Both Phonograph and Ethernal are amazing !!!

Darren Nye (Organica, UK)
I love Dactilar's release!! my favourite is Ethernal and all tracks are amazing!!

Maurice Aymard (Galaktika Records)
uff, incredible release, i love this shit, where is these guy from?? increible deep music, hell yeah...

GarcyNoise (Justified Cause)
"deeeeeeeep! very nice release and well done!"

Kazuumi Ishii (Electronic Dir.Japan)
"Excellent. I love them all alot, especially 'Ethernal', I'm feeling this deep and great atmosphere. Thanks alot."

Francesco Farfa (Serial Killer Vinyl)


Beat Pharmacy a.k.a Brendon Moeller (Deepspace Media)
"Really nice EP! Rotation and Destin's Way will definitely be in my warm up sets."

Russ Gabriel (Ferox/Mobilee)
"Absolutely awesome EP. Proper techno. I love it!"

Laurent Garnier (Fcommunications)
"this is a record that i am bound to love
greatttttttt....will play of course"

James Holden (Border Community)
thanks for the stream links to org001- great release, reckon the first track will come in useful in sets for me but enjoying the lot.

Xpansul (Plus 8 / Ovum)
Incredible tunes, music music music. That's why I love it :)

Anderson Noise (Noise Music)
"I really like New World"

Franco Cangelli (Mowar/Nowar/Aesthetik)
thanks for that!! i like all fours tracks, but my favourite would be 'Emotional Process' quality deep listening techno, very emotional stuff full of personality i wouldn't expect anything else from Darren! great stuff!

Angel Molina (Advanced Music / Sonar)
"el más puro detroit, los temas 'Emotional Process' y 'Rotation' mis favoritos, muy en la onda Balil y demás detroit / planet e de los 90..s...super!"

Blunt (Dpress Industries / Thump Elektroniks)
"Amazing Release!! Exacly my taste, full of feelings... Very good Job!! FS"

THOR (Thule Records, Iceland)
This release is perfect for the beginning of the night, my favored tracks are New World and Rotation. Thumps up!!

Olmo (Amoeba Label/ Kafka Club)
Autentico sonido deep. Música con alma…Soporte para toda la referencia perfecta para el warm up.

Terry Lee Brown (Plastic City)
0rg001 from Darren NYE is an succeeded emotional process ;) Great work!!

Kazuumi Ishii (Electronic Dir.Japan)
Absolutely beautiful. I'm really into all the tracks, but 'Destiny's Way' is the one for me. Perfect for afterhours as well as late night mixes on air. Well done to Darren Nye !

Iván Murias (Thump Elektroniks)
Excelentes tracks,todos me gustan pero Rotation es mi preferida.SuperDetroit.

Marcos Cruz (Desertica Records)
¡Total apoyo a ORGANICA y a esta primera ref. Emotional Process! Especialemente Destiny..s Way, sutil y delicado, puro deep y detroit sound, perfecto para warm up.

Darran Nugent (Aruba/Elevation)
The title track is my favourite on the EP. A beautiful and timeless techno gem! Picking up my jaw from the floor now! The other tracks are great too.

Francesco Farfa (Seriall Killer)
"This project is music for my ears !!!Love all songs."

Rafa Siles (Barraca Music)
"Fantastica produccion el Ep entero, me decanto por Destiny's Way & New World"

Garcy Noise (Justified Cause Rec.)
awsome work, a lot of time waiting for something like that...

Maurice Aymard (Galaktika Records)
"like all tracks, nice deep and mellow stuff. Full support on these new label "

Bram Sluiter
"Damn what a progression!"Rotation reminds me of the old Claude Young tracks. Also really like new world. Good job!